2009. március 10., kedd

Big Girls Don't Cry by Fergie

Hi guys!

I decided to write this entry in English. Why? Because I can afford it. *proudbutcrazy*
Yesterday I went to cinema with mah' honey. We watched 'My Bloody Valentine 3D'. Its screenwriter deserves a headshot. The film's story is so silly. Who is the murderer? Who everybody counts on... And the acting was under criticism. "Oh, my god. Here's Harry... Harry Warden. What should we do? Oh, my god." Horrible. (But while I was going home, I was afraid a bit. (It's sticky I know.))
Today I got a free ticket for the play "Hundred Years of Solitude". I dunno why but I got it. It'll be played on next Monday. I'm looking forward to seeing it. :]
I realized that I love everyone better than earlier. Eminently Annamari and my flame. I think now Annamari is happier and more open-hearted. And my sweety... I just... I just love my sweety and that's all... :]
Ok. That's all for today.

Have a nice day!

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Lili írta...

Well, i see everything is all right!:) I'm glad. Wish Hundred Years of Solitude will be great!
vagy vmi ilyesmi:D:D

arnold írta...

Hi! :)

Your English is very good :))

except for one grammatical mistake:

you wrote: "on next Monday"

there is no preposition before "next" when it's a time adverbial ;) keep it in mind next time, and then you will have perfect English knowledge :))
I work at a language school as an English teacher, that's why I know all this stuff :)

Have a nice day :)