2010. december 13., hétfő

PaPe’s Life S02E311.

Previously on the PaPe’s Life:
PaPe started the university but didn’t know what he was doing there. He met a boy, he wanted him but he came mucker. He loves Raisin and she loves him back, although she’s got a hair which looks like a lesbian hairstyle. PaPe doesn’t think so. He found some new friends, gays, pals, etc. He decided not to use facebook and messenger so much than before. He turned 20. He’s got a new boyfriend called Gremlin he loves him but he feels he can’t get rid of his muse.
That’s what you missed on PaPe’s Life.

Main Screen.

Spot: PaPe’s room, early evening, sun is going down, soft music
Perspective: Quite wide, camera is moving closer and closer to the boy till we got to his ear, camera gets into his ear. Cut. Grey page. The only thing that can be realized is PaPe’s voice. His thoughts.
- I can’t believe these people. The boys, I’ve met recently, think that they can have ever a normal family. Children? Okay. But wives? No way. I know them. They are so clever. How could they think that they can have it at all?
him. When we met, i thought he’s me and i thought he think i am him. Okay, we haven’t talked later [not my fault i swear], but i clearly remember that he said: I want family. With children. I asked him: With a boy? He answered: Oh, god, no! With a wife, of course. Of cooouuurse? Whatta… Yes, he’s an artist… But I thought though artists are artists, they can think.
And now there’s
him. When we got together I asked him about wedding. He told me he wants to get married, but the way he can imagine that is with a woman. A woman! Because being in the church in front of the priest [why does everyone think of getting married in a CHURCH? My non-believer friends either.] can happen only by a man and a woman. WHAT?
Why do my gay pals think that they can be married only with a woman? Don’t they think that they won’t be able to fuck that woman every time she wants? Don’t they think they will cheat on their wives as much as they can? With a man? Don’t they think their lives will be fake? Won’t they miss anything? Abs? Cock? Ass? Beard? Muscles? Everyone’s right is to decide get married or not. But why do they want to lie themselves?
Why am I thinking about it? I hate weddings at all. It’s just a paper, isn’t it? Okay, I know myself, I will want to get married later.
Oh, fuck. I need a cigarette now.
His ear can be seen now again. Perspective is shoving off. Blank page.
Closing credits.

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kinda rocks. (Y)